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Fri 25. Apr 2014 - Fri 25. Apr 2014

Razzmatazz (DJ Set) - Barcelona, ES

Sat 26. Apr 2014 - Sat 26. Apr 2014

Swing Fest, Radialsystem (Live) - Berlin, DE

Fri 2. May 2014 - Fri 2. May 2014

Social Club (DJ Set) - Paris, FR

Fri 9. May 2014 - Fri 9. May 2014

Ubermax (DJ Set) - London, UK

Sat 17. May 2014 - Sat 17. May 2014

Stattbad Wedding (DJ Set) - Berlin, DE

Sat 24. May 2014 - Sat 24. May 2014

Heizkraftwerk (DJ Set) - Munich, DE

Sun 25. May 2014 - Sun 25. May 2014

Chill Out Festival (Live) - Istanbul, TR

Sat 31. May 2014 - Sat 31. May 2014

Nuits Sonores (DJ Set) - Lyon, FR

Thu 5. Jun 2014 - Thu 5. Jun 2014

Oval Space (Live) - London, UK

Fri 6. Jun 2014 - Fri 6. Jun 2014

Kulturfestival X (Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble) - Aachen, DE

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(!K7) CD, Digital, 12"


(!K7) LP, CD, Digital
Our debut album "You Make Me Real" is finally out!
We can't change anything anymore... which is quite relieving in a way.
If you'd like to get surprised what dance music can sound like when it's played mainly with acoustic instruments, then we invite you to have a listen!
Thanks to everyone involved, to our friends and families and to !K7 for the big support.

Order "You Make Me Real" at Amazon or HMV.

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Comment by riki ritter-börner | 2010-11-22

i've heard you on facebook - really great, and i'm curious for more - where can i buy it?

Comment by beatrice | 2010-11-22

Hi guys! I've seen you in a great show in Italy at Festival Casteldeimondi in Andria and i'd like to buy your lp!! Where can I find it??
Please come back soon in Italy!

Comment by bbf | 2010-11-22

hi riki, hi beatrice (andria was amazing :)
thanks for your interest!
you can buy it in almost all stores (and if not you can order it anywhere). or buy it online at amazon or similar sites. not sure which one is the most practical option for your respective country ;)



Comment by Alessandro Melazzini | 2010-11-23

Best wishes. Your sound is great and the videos too. Alles Beste zur CD-Veröffentlichung. Ciao, Alessandro

Comment by strangelove | 2010-11-23

here in the UK, HMV has a release date for...

"release date: 31-01-2011"

Im gutted :(

Hope the album does very well and hope to see you in the UK very soon

Comment by strangelove | 2010-11-23

** 2010-12-01
ICA - London, UK

isn't soon enough!

Comment by bbf | 2010-11-23

but at smaller UK stores like boomkat or phonica you can already get it :)

btw 22nd of january we play in london again at gilles peterson's worldwide awards! with james blake, mount kimbie and and...

Comment by geoff | 2011-01-17

i really appreciate what youve done with this album. sensation. inspiration. movement.

Comment by Sylwia | 2011-07-31

Thanks guys for the amazing performance you gave at Audioriver last weekend - I really enjoyed it! :) Look forward to getting your album soon.